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Civil Weddings

The majority of weddings held here in Greece by non-Greek nationals are civil weddings. These can be held at especially nominated locations, approved by the local authorities, and include Kallithea Springs & Spa, St. SophiaSt. Apostolos in Faliraki, St. Paul’s in Lindos, Filerimos, the 5* Apollo Blue Hotel and other luxury hotels, selected beaches etc.

Civil weddings are both legally binding and recognised by your country of residence.
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Religious Weddings

Greek Orthodox weddings can be held at any Greek Orthodox Church in Rhodes when at least one of the happy couple is of the Greek Orthodox faith and the other has been baptised or christened in the Christian faith.


Catholic Weddings: At this present time, and until further notice, Catholic weddings are held solely at the church of Santa Maria in the New City of Rhodes. In order to facilitate the bureaucracy involved, it is normally requested that the couple hold a civil wedding in advance of the church ceremony.
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Should you be of another denomination or religion and have the advantage of being able to have a wedding official of your own in attendance, then we are able to coordinate your wedding at numerous interesting and exciting locations, other than those commonly used. Weddings at sea are particularly popular in this option.

Vow Renewal Service

Did the weather wreak havoc on your wedding day when the sun should have shone? Was the service a disappointment? Was your wedding day perfect and you would love to “do it all again”? Do you just want to utter, “I love you” to your spouse because you do?
Unique Weddings offers a superior Vow Renewal Service that will erase your disappointments and showcase your love for each other.
From the traditional, to a beach ceremony as the sun sets, a moonlight cruise or your secret fantasy, we can make it happen.
As the service is not legally binding or recorded you are free to be as adventurous as you so desire. Write your own vows or choose from our Unique selection of services. That the service can be arranged at very short notice is an added bonus! Prices start at £495.



Commitment Ceremony (Symbolic Ceremony)

Commitment ceremony
A ceremony and celebration similar to a wedding that affirms the love and commitment between two people who are of the same sex or for two people who choose not to marry each other legally.

Unique Weddings offer a superb variety of Commitment Ceremonies from the truly lavish to the absolute simple. As with our Vow Renewal Ceremony you have the freedom to choose how intimate, fun loving or romantic you wish this special occasion to be.

Themed Weddings

In cooperation with the leading events company of Rhodes, all of the wedding ceremonies above can be combined and developed with a personally designed theme of your choice… Costumes, setting, decorations… all matched to your theme.
Choose between: Medieval or Renaissance, Ancient Greek Style, Fairy or Elf Style, Greek Traditional, Burtonesque Style, Oriental Style, or any theme you wish.
To make this most romantic time of your life even more unforgettable and special, we design a unique theme for the wedding according to our couple’s wishes.
It is possible to create costumes for the guests of the wedding or even a wedding gown for the bride and a costume for the groom, depending on the theme. We combine coherent decorations for the church or the wedding reception and organize an appropriate, thematic, artistic program for a perfect experience…
Thus, if you’re fascinated with stories of Medieval knights & ladies; have fantasized sharing adventures of timeless classics, such as the “Lord of the Rings”; if you are a lover of Ancient Greece & the Greek Folk Tradition; if you are a fan of the Burtonesque spirit and wish to feel just like Alice in Wonderland or even if you are seduced by the mystic of the orient and wish to experience it … then you have arrived! We can make it happen!

Please note that themed weddings are an especially bespoke area, prices only on request.