When we started looking for a wedding planner in Rhodes to help us plan our dream wedding we contacted many different people but when I spoke to Beverley for the very first time, she made us feel so at ease.

Beverley took the time get to know us and our story which was lovely.

As a control freak I did have some trouble with the idea of handing over to someone however, Beverley reassured me that she understood exactly what we wanted and even with my request for a caricaturist nothing was too much trouble. Beverley went out of her way to ensure we had the best people working on our wedding. We told Beverley we wanted acoustic music and she managed to find the two most amazing people who chose a fantastic collection of music to sing to.

When we arrived in Rhodes Beverley took us to visit Kallithea Springs and we were absolutely blown away by the venue, the photographs do not do it justice! Beverley walked us through the events of the day which was simply amazing. We were a little worried about the weather as it was supposed to be stormy however when we mentioned it to Beverley she simply said there was nothing to worry about, she knew what the weather was like and she is not concerned but in the event plan B is needed, she would tell us about it when we needed to know. I was so relieved that she had everything covered and we did not need to worry. Beverley and her team work brilliantly together and as Beverley said, she is only as good as the team she works with!

You should all be very proud. You gave us a wedding we could never have imagined and every little detail was fantastic!

Anyone wishing to have their wedding in Rhodes, and looking for a wedding planner in Rhodes, should definitely contact Unique Weddings and speak to the team because I know they will be able to work with you to create your dream wedding.

Thank you to Beverley and the team at Unique Weddings for your continued support from the very first instruction until after the wedding.

Mr & Mrs Steve Anson