When me and my now husband started discussing getting married we knew we wanted to get married in Rhodes as this is where we got engaged, but we were scared as no one we knew had got married abroad. It is also fair to say that we are both worriers and tend to be a tad pessimistic! So we had gone through lots of different companies and none had put our mind at ease like Bev. She had regular calls, emails and Skype calls to reassure us that everything was taken care of.
We felt that we had lots of involvement in the little details of our wedding and had loads of choices in the packages that were on offer. All prices where given up front and there were no hidden fees or surprise bills.
Just before Christmas last year we found out that due to an issue with another wedding from the UK our venue was no longer available. As this incident was also in the UK press Bev wanted to reassure us and our guests immediately. Within a week or so another venue had been arranged, travel alternatives including a coach and a boat had been booked and we were back in business.
The back up venue was Kallithea Spa and we couldn’t have been happier. In reflection the alternative venue was far better than our original choice and the whole day ran smoothly from start to finish. Bev you and your team are amazing!!