We have just returned from beautiful Rhodes after having held our wedding ceremony at Kallithea Springs and our reception at Tsambikos Taverna.
I felt this review was important for other people to read to give an honest overview of our experience from Bev and the team that surrounds Unique Weddings Rhodes. You need to be sure you are booking with a company that will deliver and not disappoint! I booked Bev to help us plan and organise the wedding back in October 2014. She was fantastic from the start and she was able to answer all my questions via email. She gets back to you quickly and I emailed her so many times! She gave us help with hotel locations, ceremony locations and reception locations. I needed somewhere suitable for children for our reception as we have a 3 year old and 18 month old and there were also other children in our wedding party. Tsambikos taverna was perfect as they have a park play area which is fantastic and fenced off!
Bev emailed lots of ideas and the menu costs, costs of her package, photos, and I have to say we could never have arranged this wedding without her help. She knows the locals well and is able to speak fluent Greek and she was so calming and professional throughout the meets. It felt like I had known her ages by the time we left Greece. She took care of the legal documents, and just sorted it all out for us in preparation for the wedding day!
We decided to get married at Kallithea Springs as it looked beautiful in the pictures and we were certainly not disappointed to see it for real! When we arrived in Rhodes, Bev took us to view the ceremony and reception venues….I cried when I saw Kallithea Springs, it was breath taking and honestly looks like it would cost a million pound to marry there!
The pre-wedding preparations were arranged with Janet from Bev’s team. Janet came to the hotel and we were able to go through all my wedding decorations I brought out with me to add the personal touch as well as preparing our vows. She typed them up and returned them along with a beautiful reading for my friend to read out on the day.
Carly did our hair and make-up arranged by Bev. That girl has magic hands! We were so pleased with the results, my hair is fine but she made my hair look amazing and it lasted all day and night! She is such a pro, took it all in her stride, made good conversation and was such a calming influence. My make up was flawless and my husband said I looked the best he has ever seen me look…..it doesn’t get better than that!
My flowers were beautiful! I am not sure who they were from but Bev sorted them and they were stunning! I loved my bouquet of lilies and orchids. My daughter had a beautiful baby pink rose posy and my Matron of Honour had a beautiful corsage that matched my bouquet.
The photographer was a guy called Nick from the Unique in-house photography team. I would 100% recommend them for the day. They captured the whole day for us, and the photography is first class. I have some breath taking photos and I am a photo fanatic! I was so pleased with the shots he got as they were very natural, he took the normal group shots as well but the setting just makes all the photos look so stunning! Thanks to them for creating such amazing memories I will cherish forever! We even climbed a cliff in our wedding outfits for the most beautiful picture!
The videographer company was also the in-house team. I cannot begin to put into words how much I love my DVD of the day. They have created something for us that I cannot believe was our day. The quality of their work is out of this world. I have shown my family and friends our DVD already and they have all said it is the best wedding DVD that they have ever seen. It is modern and has captured the day so beautifully. The attention to detail is brilliant and I cannot thank them enough for the hard work they put in. The videographer worked so hard, she even got on the roundabout with the children and I have some brilliant coverage of the fun the kids had on the day!
It is important I tell you about the service from Tsambikos taverna as well. The staff was so hard working and friendly. The venue is out of this world but the food was so good too. The drinks were lovely, the cocktails are amazing and all our friends were merry and had the best time dancing the night away. Tsambikos taverna is a beautiful setting and the top table’s back drop is the ocean! It is magical and my wedding party of 52 guests all said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The hospitality from the owner Costas is wonderful. We actually went back after our wedding to re-visit and he made our evening so special for us.
The DJ we used through Bev was Mark. I gave him a playlist of the songs I wanted to be played beforehand, and we had also exchanged lots of emails. He delivered exactly what we wanted. He took photos of the evening too which also captured the evening when the filming and photographer had left. I would definitely recommend him. He was organised and set up by the time we arrived for the evening. We had lovely background music when we arrived which added a lovely feel to the setting. We had such a great party, which was started off by the Greek dancers! I would definitely recommend them too as they kick the party off and get the men up to start the fun and then everybody does the Zorb which was so much fun!
We received our photos and dvd before we left Greece, Bev took care of this and came to the hotel to drop it off. There was nothing for me to worry about, I just had to select my chosen photos but we upgraded and paid a bit extra for the whole dvd of pictures…all 600 odd.
The whole day was taken care of by Bev and Janet. They stayed with us all day but they work in the background and you don’t even notice they are around! I am so pleased with how the day mapped out, it was the happiest day of my life and that was really captured. Thank you so much for all the work you put in for us Bev, we honestly couldn’t have done it without you and the service we received was worth every penny!
Just wanted to add, we hired the road train to transport out guests to the ceremony. It was such a laugh, everybody loved it! It holds up to 60 guests and was so reasonable to get so many people to our ceremony. Wish I could have gone on it too! Although I went in Beverley’s beetle; that was lovely. air conditioned and calm music played for the journey. That car is such a good touch for the pictures and DVD!
I hope if you are reading this review and deciding whether Unique Weddings Rhodes is the right company to use for your wedding day, then I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. We had the best day of our lives thanks to Bev and the team that surrounds her!
Just wish we could do it all again!
Thank you so much for everything, from the new Mr & Mrs Goode xxx