Unique Weddings Rhodes offers a wide selection of wedding ceremony venues on the island of Rhodes and throughout Greece. Each venue has been carefully chosen to provide an ideal ceremony location ensuring the success of your big day.

Kallithea Springs & Spa is an exquisite venue – gardens of fragrant flowers, magnificent architecture and the azure Mediterranean as a backdrop make this venue an elegant and sophisticated choice.

The small chapel of St Apostolos is perched on the vantage point of a whitewashed harbour and surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the  Aegean – a simple, elegant venue.

St Sophia a small, elegant chapel situated within the grounds of the hotel Esperos Village with breathtaking panoramic views of the bay of Kallithea.

5* Apollo Blue Hotel: A luxury location for a luxury wedding!

St Paul’s, Lindos is, once again, operational, with weddings being held on the jetty/platform, NOT in the chapel forecourt.

Prophet Elias is a tiny monastery built on the top of the mountain that frames the bay of Antony Quinn. This breathtaking venue is ideal for smaller, intimate weddings.

Filerimos is home to the cross that dominates the Rhodian skyline. Situated amongst lush greenery, with panoramic views of the whole of the north of Rhodes island this venue has become a particular favourite of couples seeking a civil ceremony with a religious feel.
Foundouklis: An exquisite church and historic monument located in the mountains of Rhodes, close to the village of Eleousa. This location is a perfect choice for those enthralled by history.
On the Beach: Your unique beach wedding ceremony Rhodes….Although Rhodes has a selection of fabulous beaches, to find a beach offering privacy for your most intimate ceremony insider knowledge and determination are both required! When we promise you the most wonderful beach wedding, we will deliver!
Rhodes Town Hall: For those searching for the simplest of weddings a Town Hall wedding is the ideal choice. Unique Weddings is happy to arrange Town Hall weddings within any municipality of Greece.
San Francisco & Santa Maria: Both of these Catholic churches are located within the heart of the town of Rhodes.

Symi Island: If you are looking for a wedding destination, luxuriating in age-old charm and ambience, whilst avoiding the crowds, then Symi is the venue for you.