I know that everybody says it but I genuinely cannot thank you enough for piecing together the best day of my life (sorry kids, but giving birth hurt; getting married didn’t).

Both you and Carly felt like old friends. Which made me feel special and completely relaxed!!!

All the little touches just worked…
Violinist, Champagne boat, Picturesque walk, Acordian player, Pick-up truck, Fireworks, Eric and the team at Ladiko, the food/decorations/cake, And finally the Greek dancers letting us basically call the shots and going with it!…We’re all thinking they should include the okey-cokey into their set!
And then our final day, to top it off, parasailing and sea jumping in our bridal gear. He he he, why not hey!?!!

EVERYBODY says it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to (and 2 of the Uncles have been to celeb weddings and billionaires weddings).
Not pretentious, not rushed, not boring… and that’s all down to you and your team.

I am eternally grateful and have already recommended you to a friend.

Mr and Mrs Nugent (I love saying that)