• Bouquet for the bride..
• Buttonhole for the groom…
• Posies for the bridesmaids…..
• Corsages for the ladies….
• Buttonholes for the gents….
We have a wonderful range of bouquets covered by our wedding packages as many varieties of flowers, roses, gerberas, tulips, lilies, etc are available here and our expert florist is always on the spot to assist you. An upgrade is required in order for our standard bouquet to contain peonies, orchids and less readily sourced blooms.

Flower arrangements: In Greece, wedding candles, lambadas, are traditionally placed at either side of the bride and groom – a beautifully simple addition to the ceremony. These can then be transported to your reception venue to double as table arrangements. Magnificent flower arches are a stunning, if expensive, addition to the decoration of the small chapels and  are a must for beach ceremonies.

Balloons & Ribbons- helium balloons (available in many colours) can be used to decorate both the venue and wedding transportation as can normal balloons and ribbons.