Bespoke Wedding Services

Our policy at Unique Weddings Rhodes is to make your wedding as unique as possible, hence we offer the `ceremony only´ service as the basic starting point and then, by combining a selection of our other services, assist you in creating your bespoke wedding.

Ceremony Only: We undertake all the legal and administrative procedures, including the required translations, associated with your wedding. Opting for JUST one of our basic, comprehensive, packages you will leave Rhodes legally married and in possession of your marriage certificate, complete with Apostille stamp, translated into your mother tongue – a document legally acknowledged world-wide.

Other Services provided by Unique Weddings Rhodes: 

1. Reception Venues…..
According to your choice of cuisine, budget and personal preferences we have a wide variety of reception venues to recommend:
• An indoor- or outdoor-venue,
• catering at the wedding venue or at sea,
• a traditional taverna, restaurant or hotel dining,
• a Greek Style menu with meze and barbequed meats or fish,
• an international menu with a 3-, 5- or 7- course meal,
• a buffet


Whatever the combination we will make every effort to assist you in finding the ideal venue for your unique celebration.

2. Wedding Cakes….made to your specifications💕

3. Flowers & Deco……. 
• Bouquet for the bride..included in our wedding package (roses, gerberas, calla lilies, sunflowers, tulips)
• Buttonhole for the groom…to match the bridal bouquet (as above)
• Posies for the bridesmaids…..
• Corsages for the ladies….
• Buttonholes for the gents….
• – many varieties of flowers, including tropical, are available here and our expert florists are on the spot to assist you.

4. Hair and Beauty

hairdressing, make-up, spa therapies, aromatherapy and massage services……
• For the bride…
• For the bridesmaids….
• Our hairdressers and make-up professionals provide private consultations up to three days before the big event. Spa, aromatherapy and massage services, if not available on-site, can be arranged locally.

5. Barber…. 
• And for the groom, how about a traditional wet-shave?
• Our barbers leave your men smoother than ever!

6. Photographer and Videography…… Unique Weddings Rhodes have the pleasure and satisfaction of cooperating with the very best photographers of both contemporary and classical styles in the Dodecanese. Capturing the moment, the atmosphere and the magic, the mediums of photography and video enable you to infinitely relive the most special day of your lives.

7. Champagne…Local or French ….depending on the depth of your pocket! Nothing quite beats a French champagne but the Rhodian equivalent is highly regarded too; very palatable!

8. Special Touches… Although your day will always remain in your and your guests memories, keepsakes such as stefana for yourselves and boubounieres for your guests are simple and enduring.

Stefana: These are Greek wedding crowns, to be worn by the bride and groom during the ceremony.

Boubounieres / Favours:
Traditionally, here in Greece, boubounieres are given to the guests after the wedding service as a gift of appreciation for having attended the special occasion.
Each lace wrapped boubouniere contains at least 5 sugar coated Jordan almonds which represent Health, Wealth, Happiness, Prosperity and Long Life.

A pair of white fan-tailed doves, symbolizing love and fidelity, are released after the ceremony.
9. Transportation to/from Wedding Venue……….
Boat, limousine, road-train, donkey, horse and carriage, jet-ski, Harley Davidson, Vespa, VW convertible Beetle .. make your unique, spectacular entrance!

We are able to provide a wide selection of transportation for both the wedding couple and their guests including the humble coach!
How about a champagne reception aboard one of our celebration cruise boats directly following your wedding?

10. Venue and/or transportation decoration…….
Flower arrangements – Greek wedding candles, ‘lambadas’, are traditionally placed at either side of the bride and groom – a beautifully simple addition to the ceremony. Our florists are available for on-site consultations some days before the event enabling plenty of personal input.
Balloons – helium balloons (available in many colours) can be used to decorate both the venue and wedding transportation.

11. Music & Entertainment…….
At the ceremony: accordion, lyra, violin, acoustic guitar, acoustic duo….
At the reception: live band, D.J., karaoke…


12. Reception fireworks……..light up the night’s sky!
A spectacular firework display will remain forever in the memory of both the wedding couple and the guests!


13. Stag / Hen Party……
Pre-wedding parties, complete with transportation to and from the venue, can be easily tailored to your needs (Rhodes has endless night spots ideal for such occasions!)

14. Boat parties………
As well as having boats available for the ceremony and the reception we also have a wide variety of boats available for cruises and parties. Again, this service is bespoke and depends entirely upon your requirements: e.g. the number of your wedding party, the duration of the cruise (full- or half-day), with or without food…. contact FFC for further details!

15. General Excursions & Rent a Car…….
Our travel agency, Panda Travel (licensed by the Greek National Tourism Board), as well as being able to arrange hotel, apartment and studio accommodation, is able to offer you, at very competitive rates, a wide variety of excursions that can be enjoyed throughout your holiday here in Rhodes e.g. Lindos-by-boat, Symi Island, Marmaris – Turkey, Water Park, City Tour, Island Tour, Jeep Safari, Rhodian Bays… We also work closely with a number of reputable Car Hire firms that are equipped with brand new cars and offer fully comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage.

16. Mini Honeymoons….
You are now man and wife and on honeymoon! How about a mini break for yourselves, away from your guests…?
a) One holiday, two islands.. in addition to your main stay in Rhodes, a one, two, three or more-night stay can be arranged for you on any of the Greek islands or mainland.
Book your boat tickets to Symi with our sister company, Faliraki Sea Lines

b) One holiday, two continents ~ alternatively, a one, two, three or more night stay can be arranged for you in Marmaris, Turkey…….
Book your boat tickets to Marmaris with our sister company, Faliraki Sea Lines